SMOKING BABAS – docu. Inside Secret India Aghori Child Sadhu Marijuana Kumbh Naga Chillum Cannibal

ALFREDO DE BRAGANZA Spanish Production in India / Producción Española en la India «Smoking Babas Holy Men of India» Documentary Feature Film WRITTEN, PHOTOGRAPHED, PRODUCED & DIRECTED by Spaniard filmmaker ALFREDO DE BRAGANZA. Datos Técnicos / Technical Data País de Producción / Country of Production: INDIA Y ESPAÑA – INDIA & SPAIN Año Producción / Year of Production: 2011 Duración / Running Time: 65? Formato / Format: Digital Pantalla / Screen Ratio: 4/3 Color / Color: COLOR Género / Gender: DOCUMENTAL – DOCUMENTARY Lugar de Rodaje / Shooting Place: Uttarakhand, Haridwar, Rishikesh & Himalaya’s valley (INDIA) Versión Original / Original Version: INGLES E HINDI – ENGLISH & HINDI Subtítulos / Subtitles: ESPAÑOL E INGLÉS – SPANISH & ENGLISH Ficha Técnica / Specification Sheet Productora / Production Company: ALFREDO DE BRAGANZA Director / Director: ALFREDO DE BRAGANZA Guión / Screenplay: ALFREDO DE BRAGANZA Fotografía / Cinematography: ALFREDO DE BRAGANZA Sonido / Sound: S. MURUGAN Montaje / Editing: ANIRUTH GIRI Intérpretes / Cast SREE MAHANTH SIVAGIRI NAGA BABA & Interviews PRESS NEWS; Synopsis; A human approach to the mystical secrets of India. Documenting the sadhus as had rarely been filmed on many peculiar occasions. A charismatic character is the thread of the story revealing a hidden side of these sacred Hindu sects; «children

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  1. Alfredo? de Braganza: cuelga el documental completo aquí en Youtube, no seas egoísta!

  2. Where? can I find this film? I´ve looked all over, no torrents, can´t even find it on DVD : /

  3. I would buy and watch this just to see those really cool young? boy babas.

  4. The only Devil is in your mind, in your imagination. Being good is what really matters. It has not any true value if a person follows a dogmatic religion, full of ‘advanced’, ‘civilized’ rules, if the practical results are minimal or even absent. Instead of judging out of imaginary beliefs we should be realistic – what is it that they’re doing? Is it good or evil? Are they harming anyone? That’s the point. It’s useless if we behave accordingly to the? Western demand but are practically worst.

  5. thats stupid,they are not doing any crime they just dont want? any human to come near them,and with such horrible acts no body dare disturb them.

  6. Just curious what it’d be like if Baptist & Catholics had a similar culture? & customs.

  7. To denounce these practices as abominable, irreverent, primitive, or ungodly, is a failure to recognize these practices and men from a neutral point of view. These are not crack heads, or heathens … these are men who have renounced the entirety of worldly materialism in pursuit of? something that supersedes the ego.

    We have these religious men in America as well … and by many measures, their behavior (embezzling funds, molesting little boys) is even more deplorable than that of a Baba.

  8. Aghoris are a strange group of so called? holy men. They eat human flesh from corpses, animal feces and drink their urine, smokes dope and carry around a human skull as their bowl. This is an abomination.

  9. these? are crack heads who no nothing about god, lazy motherfucker’s

  10. Neurofibromatosis. Those are tumors. There’s? a chinese guy called, ‘elephant man’ go search you’ll see.

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