SAMBA PA TI – Guitarra española de CARLOS SANTANA.

To Ossama. Hope your brithday is incredible and with all you love have a wonderfull and great moments that day and every day, bro. I even dont now when it is but I hope it arrives before it is, son be happy , hope you enjoy this edition with this special version of this old song. Es una edicion dedicada a nuestro amigo Ossama por su cumple aunque desconosco exactamente la fecha pero es en estos dias, espero que disfruten esta edicion sobre este tema que es una version de la original. Feliz semana, su amigo el vaqueroCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I made this video strictly for commentary and feedback on the improvement of my skills.

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  1. Por? donde volteo siempre hay un video fantástico tuyo Nelson.
    Cómo me encanta esta música, me relaja mucho…. pulgares arriba, abrazos. Feliz Sábado Patty

  2. Excelente trabalho dedicado? ao nosso amigo Osama!!!
    Parabéns Nelson!!!
    Um abraço a ambos,

  3. happy birthday dear ossama…. wonderful gift…for a special person a great friend ….. thanks nelson for shared with me …kisses and hugs for both? your friend massimo

  4. Winter un video super bonito de verdad estoy? segura que a Ossama le abra encantado como regalo de cumple. Ossama un besito y un tiron de orejas. Ahi te dejo mi dedito verde. Y gracias Pichi por compartirlo conmigo. Un beso a los tres.

  5. Un tema precioso de Santana…
    Me ha encantado escucharlo!!!!


  6. Thanks again dear Sofia for being here in this fantastic video? of my brother Nelson.
    i wish you both a great weekend.
    god bless you.

  7. Thanks so much dear Rosa for your? kind wishes.
    have a great weekend dear
    god bless you.

  8. Wow…I love Santana. This is an amazing song. Very special gift to you from Nelson.
    What a beautiful images. Ossama; Be happy….always… and a? lot of blessings. to you
    Friends forever…Thank you Ossama and Nelson for sharing it . All my starts.

  9. Happy birthday? Osama
    God bless you
    Beautiful video Nelson
    Nice song
    I loved it

  10. Thank you so much again? dearest Nacera,you are so kind to be here.
    many thanks to my bro Nelson for such a great gift.
    have a fantastic weekend both.

  11. Fabulous my friend? as always, and thanx for the upload:::)))W

  12. Muchas Gracias Querida amiga Eli.
    thank you so much my dear great friend,i am? really blessed to have friends like you here.
    thank you and everyone from the bottom of my heart
    god bless you all.

  13. Thank you so much dear for? your kind wishes.
    all the best for you
    god bless you.

  14. Muchas Gracias querida amiga Lareyl,thanks so much my great friend for your kind wishes and always friendship.
    best wishes to you and? all of our friends
    god bless you all.

  15. Muchas? Gracias Marlene,thanks dear for being here.
    best wishes for you
    god bless you.

  16. Muchas Gracias Querido amigo pichi,thank you my great friend for your? kind wishes,i will never forget what you and Nelson and all of our friends made for my birthday.
    god bless you all.

  17. Muchas Gracias Querida amiga Eloina,thanks so much dear for your kind wishes and true friendship.
    best wishes to you and everyone? here.
    god bless you all.

  18. Muchas Gracias Querida amiga Ana,well what can i say,we can never turn the time back,yeah i am 37.
    and of course i love so much this gift of my bro Nelson,not? only because it was for me,but also because it is truly wonderful and honestly i enjoy the videos of my bro Nelson,always loved them.
    god bless you and everybody dear.

  19. Thanks so much dear? Mars,i wish you the same dear:).
    thanks for being here and for being always a great friend.
    god bless you.

  20. Thanks dear Anca,well why? you say so,my eyes can only see number 36 hahahahaha,i am just kidding dear,that’s it,i know we all get old that is life.
    but i am happy for that.
    thank you and thank everyone for making my birthday very special
    god bless you all.

  21. Thank you so much bro Jose for your always kindness and friendship,thanks my friend for your kind wishes.
    many thanks to our dear bro Nelson for this great gift.
    best wishes to? both.

  22. Beautiful Vibes, this is CLASSIC, wonderful images to accompany this song and put together makes an AWESOME Birthday Present for our brother Ossama,…sendin’ ya my thumbs up my buddy Nelson and thankin’ Ossama for the share!!? = )

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