23 comentarios en “La Selección Española en el avión. Imágenes de TVE.

  1. para todos esos que no les guste el video ni? la seleccion, con perdon de las damas…. que la chupen jajaja

  2. Can? someone pleeeaasseee roughly translate this into english? Would be a lifesaver!

  3. The journalist says:
    -What do you want these signatures for?
    And Javi answers:
    -For my town.

    I hope it helps, sorry? for my english 🙂

  4. I think Martinez looked very cute in this clip when he was trying to get all the players’ signatures on his flag.could anyone here who understands Spanish tell me why Martinez wanted his teammates signatures?Thank you in advance?

  5. i? love how reina celebrates, and i think he did play only one game in the whole world cup .. That’s teamspirit. xD

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