Granada, Spain Travel Video Guide

Cave Dwellers (cuevas) of San Miguel Alto. In Granada I visit the Alhambra, a fine example of Moorish Architecture, which uses the aesthetically pleasing golden ratio in its dimensions. I then learn about cave living, interviewing such characters as Dr, Sun, who uses a solar cooking machine to prepare meals. Cueva de los Habitantes (cuevas) de San Miguel Alto. En Granada que visitar la Alhambra, un buen ejemplo de arquitectura morisca, que utiliza la relación estética de oro en sus dimensiones. Entonces aprendí sobre la vida cueva, entrevistando a personajes como el doctor, el Sol, que utiliza una máquina de la cocina solar para preparar las comidas. Spanish/English Translation – Miguel Antón Ámez Segovia Music – DJ Marky Mark and the Apple Loops

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  1. ayaya! Gracias por este video, estaba estudiando en Granada el último año y todo has gravado contiene todo que es hermoso sobre Granada! Los gypsies y su manera de vida es única de verdad pero es totalmente lo mejor! Echo de menos esta ciudad bonita y? el accento granadino por supesto!

  2. Cool video, I’ll hopefully be in Granada aprimorando? mi español in May. I found it fitting that the German solar technician goes by the name, «Sun».


  4. ohhh I have to visit those caves!! 😀 it looks amazing<3 such a great atmosphere! I'm going to travel around Spain (Madrid & Andalusia) & Portugal with a? friend starting in a week. We're also visiting Granada, could anyone tell me how to get to this place? (in the video)

  5. Hardly, retarded Italo-New Yorker troll clumsily pretending to? be a «redneck» below this post. But Sicily/Naples is the essence of Italy, LOL!

  6. this really comes together well, the history, the music, the imagery, the interview.? Bravo Overlander

  7. my last name originated from? here.its italian and spaniard

  8. do a google search for sun oven and I stayed with couchsurfers. for more info about this great way to meet people when u travel visit couchsurfing?

  9. fuck the ads!!! i dont even want? to watch the vid anymore. thumbs DOWN

  10. wow! great to see you in? Granada!!!
    very inspiring video, awesome, como siempre!!!
    best regards, hasta luego!
    LaraMAR!A (larafox66)

  11. why no HD ?? mate you? should consider it! but the quality is still okey

  12. Just as well that you didn’t shirk from meeting gypsies, thieves and drug? adicts! So much more interesting than the classic Alhambra tourist story

  13. Fascinating stuff… That story about drug addicts and thieves was probably a community? protection strategy 🙂

  14. Never know what story I’m going to find when I arrive in a new place. It is great when I find a unique story, off the usual tourist route. Granada is a special place, As Joe Strummer said when he visited, ‘I only wish my brother saw the view of the Alhambra before he? died’ It really is a special surreal place

  15. Mark, it looks like you really enjoyed this adventure and as usual the vid is terrific. The more I? watch your travel videos the more I want to chuck this boring life of mine and just hit the road and start meeting all the good folks and see all the beautiful places that are out there. However, the reality of it is…I can’t…so for now I’ll just have to be content with the great travellogues you bring to all of us. Five stars my friend.

  16. There was a great community feel, people sharing what they had to have a group meal. I found it a safe place to? be, and you wouldn’t believe it, there was an Aussie living in one of the caves!

  17. «I was told this was a dangerous area, frequented by gypsies, thieves and drug addicts. I decided I must visit this place, and learn more.» I love this quote in your? adventure, sometimes the most dangerous looking places are the most fruitful experiences. Though it wouldn’t hurt to carry some pepper spray…

  18. I’m just a guy? with a camera, but I’m trying to get to that next level.

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