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  1. Spain? colonized our islas filipinas for more than 350year por dios por santo, parehas ng kultura, numero, fiesta, lenguahe (tagalog) ,tradicion, at siempre mas importante sa lahat relihiyon ( katoliko 83% ochenta tres populasyon ). See my tagalog words are same with spanish..

  2. Sorry, did you mean that there is a song by Freddie Aguilar on the video? which one is and what’s its name? thank? you

  3. Mi doctor es filipino y ahora vive en estados unidos, y dice que sus abuelos hablaban espanol a? la perfeccion pero cuando los invadieron los estado unidenses los obligaron ha aprender el ingles y quitaron toda cultura espanola.

  4. Con hispano hablantes encantada, no se mucho de los? españoles.

  5. spanish music would have been appropriate. no offense to? indian music.

  6. See the Spanish woman who own a sugarcane farm…telling Philippines rank at no. 2 ? about child abuses and trafficking..she almost cry….I salute you Señora!

  7. You better don’t leave a comment if you don’t know the history? between the Philippines and Spain…Puto..

  8. I? am now practice some Spanish lessons 😉 me gusta linguaje de Español (is it wrong grammar?? hehehe) ^.^»’

  9. i heard also that Caviteños were once speaking in Chavacano before? many of them were exiled to Zamboanga like what happened to Jose Rizal

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