Aragoneses por el Mundo en Praga – Carlos Anoro

Aragoneses por el Mundo en Praga, Republica Checa con Carlos Anoro
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My photos and impressions of Barcelona during several holidays in 2007. @ Catalans: If you just want to yell at me because the music isn’t Catalan, then don’t even try it. The main song is called «Barcelona NIghts» (Ottmar Liebert). So if you still think it is completely nonsense that I chose this one I can’t help you. And YES, I know that this music is actually Andalusian and I know that all Spain is not equal to Andalusia! I am not a damn dumb tourist. So, any more questions or complaints?? Ending: «Canción del Mariachi» (Los Lobos). Moltes gràcies a tothom! i si que parlo el català si voleu saber!
Video Rating: 4 / 5